Digital Marketing Stat Sheet 2017

We've compiled the latest data from 2017 to guide you through the changes.

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Do you need to be found?

We offer a full SEO audit of your existing website, looking at your backlinks, content, your site structure and the strength of your current SEO. This is a great way for you to find out what you’re already doing well and where the gaps are, as well as get any questions answered before you continue your SEO strategy.

Real-time Algorithm Monitoring

We constantly monitor Google and the other search engines so you don’t have to. We check for algorithm changes and immediately implement any changes needed to your SEO so you don’t need to worry about Panda or Penguin or any other major update. Just relax and leave it to us.

Backlink Breakdown

As part of our competitor research, we look at the links that are doing the hard work for your competitors, to make sure we can find and implement the right links for your business to move you swiftly up the rankings. We look at their keywords and use the best of them to add to your backlink strategy.

Competitor & Market Analysis

Not only do we do competitor and market analysis for ourselves to make sure we’re on top of our game, we also offer this service to you as part of your SEO. If there’s a new SEO technique or a new trick your competitors are using, you can guarantee that we’ll adapt, and adopt the best strategy for your business.

Advanced Keyword Optimisation

We use the latest in Latent Semantic Indexing to ensure your pages contain your main keywords and synonyms in the optimum positions to take your content up the rankings.