Infographics everywhere!

Personally, I love infographics as a quick and friendly way to learn or brush up on anything from facts figures or popular Halloween outfits! They are a great way to get a message across if your not interested in writing blogs etc
Interested? Here are a few tips to getting going;-
Firstly have a look around there are some great online resources and templates to help you.

Research your topic and message – follow a flow – theme – content – conclusion – Think of it as a story ensuring any facts and figures have come from a reliable source!
Don’t go over board on the design – keep it on brand – well spaced out flowing in a natural way to keep the reader interest – using friendly colours and fonts to encourage ease of read.

Source relevant images over text – try to keep text for labelling and titles as this makes it more reader friendly – remember that images need to be informative and relevant to the story you are telling – not used as a pretty illustration!

Before you publish to all have a look at it on different devices making sure the colour, sizing and scales are comparable to all potential audiences.

Any borrowed data, facts or figure make sure you reference them – giving them a shout out will building further audience as well as justifying your content.

Infographics should be fun, informative and easy for the reader to absorb – so enjoy!