Video is King

Video is King

You may of noticed – or not – but I am not one of those clever creative types or an academic book worm … nope my love is of stats, stats and more stats. This week I have been looking into the vlogging/ video media for a client. Some believe video is king – online […]

Infographics Everywhere

Infographics everywhere!

Personally, I love infographics as a quick and friendly way to learn or brush up on anything from facts figures or popular Halloween outfits! They are a great way to get a message across if your not interested in writing blogs etc Interested? Here are a few tips to getting going;- Firstly have a look […]

Unhappy Customers

Are these No,No’s driving your customer away?

If you are promoting your product to the world via the internet conversion is king. Likes, visits and engagement is nice, but if your content isn’t converting you need to consider why. You have most likely read about or heard plenty of tips on how to improve your conversion rate.

Get more from online advertising with affiliate marketing

The internet has revolutionised business in such a way that consumers now expect their favourite brands and companies to have an online presence. However, for many companies, promoting goods and services on the web is much more than simply having a website.

Bing v’s Yahoo V’s Google – Where is your SEO taking you?

Why Bing and Yahoo are just as important as Google in your SEO campaigns When it comes to digital marketing and search engine optimisation, the internet is littered with a host of blogs citing what must be done to stand out from the crowd and stand out on Google. There can be no doubt that […]

How to increase business with Facebook

Facebook Advertising in the Digital world is a bit like Marmite people either love it or hate it – usually the haters have either never tried it, not using it effectively or are ‘Google AdWords’ stuck in their ways. Maybe it is new (er) and different but with over 1 million advertisers on Facebook and […]

Google AdWords Tips You Need to Know: Beginners Guide

With the ever growing increase in online advertising spend for both big and small businesses alike, no matter the size of business Google AdWords are seemingly a must.

Duck Duck Go

It’s been a gloriously sunny Autumnal week this week almost better than the summer! Digital Perform are looking forward to visiting Liverpool on Friday to explore the Accelerate-Britain it will be the first time we have attended this event so will let you all know our highlights.

Keeping up-to-date

With autumn upon us and winter fast approaching changing seasons come and go so quickly as do changes in social media platforms. While at first these changes may not seem like major changes they are important to know as they will affect the visibility or communication your business has with customer.